M.A or M.S. in General Psychology

Required Classes:

PSYC 5306 - Thesis, 6 hours or
PSYC 5305 - Graduate Research Project, 3 hours
PSYC 5319 - Life Span Development
PSYC 5325 - Psychopathology
PSYC 5381 - Behavioral Research Sciences
PSYC 5310 - Data Analysis in Social Research

  • For the MS or MA in General Psychology the 18 undergraduate hours must include three of the following courses: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, social psychology, biopsychology, physiological psychology, sensation and perception, personality theory, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology (lifespan, child, adolescent, or adult), and/or history and systems of psychology.
  • For the MA or MS in General Psychology students must complete the 18 core curriculum graduate hours listed below. The remaining course electives will be decided on by students in consultation with their adviser. The MA or MS in general psychology may be completed in either thirty (30) or thirty six (36) graduate hours depending on student’s specific plan of study.

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