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Greetings from the Texas A&M Kingsville Graduate Psychology Program Faculty

We are excited that you have expressed interest in our graduate psychology program at Texas A&M Kingsville. You are at an exhilarating time in your academic career as a psychology student, deciding your next step to gain the specialized skills and knowledge through graduate study that will shape your professional pursuits. Your options for college are numerous, but we hope to convince you that there is no better selection you could make than to join our graduate psychology program at Texas A&M University—Kingsville. Texas A&M University- Kingsville is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Therefore, you would be pursuing your graduate psychology degree at an accredited and worthy institution.

Our graduate program in psychology offers three psychology degrees: a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and a Master of Science or Master of Arts in General Psychology. In our program we can offer a graduate educational experience that combines the personalized attention of an expensive private college and the opportunities of a large nationally-recognized university. As a smaller campus that is part of the world-redound Texas A&M University System, we can offer the best of both educational environments, resulting in you obtaining an academically strong yet personalized Masters-level graduate psychology training that opens the doors of opportunity.

How can we personalize your graduate education experience? We offer a graduate program in Psychology that has multiple options that can propel you into a variety of career paths. We can provide the applied training and experience you need to embark on a career in applied mental health service. We can also provide you individually-mentored research experiences allowing you to be exceptionally well prepared to succeed in pursuing a specialized doctoral-level degree. Our program proudly offers students the intellectual and social experiences that one would normally only find at an expensive private institution. Our class sizes are small with graduate psychology courses typically having no more than about 18 students. These small class sizes encourage close working relationships between students and professors. Our goal is to equip each student with a comprehensive set of skills in critical thinking as well as the social and biological foundations of human behavior. We foster student development through a variety of means that include classes, field experiences, research labs, individual faculty mentoring, and counsel students as they prepare for careers in applied mental health, teaching careers, or pursuing a doctoral degree.  

How do we know this model of education works? The graduate psychology program has a proven track record of helping students reach career goals   through a broad range of classes taught with diverse instructional techniques. Our students receive personal attention through our high teacher-to-student ratio. Your classes will be taught by award-winning faculty who are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas of expertise and subdiciplines of psychology. This winning educational formula allows for tailored educational activities, both in our small class sizes and through individual study, that give you the knowledge and skills that lead you to your choice of career destination.

Our educational model is a recipe for success, and we have the alumni success stories to prove it. Our graduates immediately have passed licensure exams and immediately found positions in a variety of mental health and educational settings. Our graduates have gone on to obtain Ph.D. and Psy.D. Degrees from high quality Doctoral Programs in many sub-disciplines including: Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, Social Psychology and Experimental Psychology.     

We prepare students for work in a variety of settings. The MA Counseling Psychology program is appropriate for those who wish to become counselors in a range of federal and state applied mental health agencies, such as community mental health centers, rehabilitation offices, addiction treatment clinics, Operation Head start, and family service organizations. In addition, Counseling Psychology graduates pursue private practice and also teach at community colleges or universities and become actively involved in research in such institutions as well as in government agencies and private firms. Our general psychology graduates find careers in teaching and often pursue doctorate degrees.

In our graduate psychology program students learn from faculty members, not from graduate student teaching assistants. Students amass a wealth of knowledge learning research, writing, and analytical skills that both maximize their appeal to future employers and establish the groundwork for a lifetime of rational reflection on current events. Our graduate psychology program is also committed to seeking and valuing diversity in students and faculty. Diversity, used here in a very broad sense, includes the variety of cultures, backgrounds, values, and experiences found among faculty and students; it also includes the diversity of our professional ways of practice, our ways of learning, and our personal and professional goals. The graduate psychology program curriculum works to integrate diversity awareness and appreciation into all course offerings, with the goal of encouraging students to explore and appreciate diversity in all situations. We are committed to training multicultural competent professionals.

We have a wonderful diversity of master’s students, full time and part time, from a wide range of backgrounds.  The classes bring students together for cooperative learning experiences that build friendships. The students often come together as a helpful community, which is evident through the popularity of student organizations like the Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Organization and Psi Chi, in addition to frequent study groups.

Attached you will find materials completely describing our program mission values, and goals, and our admissions requirements for each graduate psychology degree. You will also find more information for each degree curriculum course requirements. We look forward to talking with you more about what our graduate psychology program can offer you. We invite you to come join us in the psychology graduate program for an exceptional educational experience. We are hoping you will allow us to help you reach your academic and career goals. For more information, please feel free to contact me.


Don Daughtry Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Licensed, Psychologist, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Psychology and Sociology
Texas A & M University - Kingsville
MSC 177 700 University BLVD.
Kingsville TX. 78363
Phone (361) 593 4829
Fax (361) 593 2707 

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