Graduate Admission Requirements

The graduate program in psychology offers three psychology degrees:

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

  • For the MA in Counseling Psychology, the 18 undergraduate semester hours must include courses in: abnormal psychology, personality theory, and developmental psychology (lifespan, child, adolescent, or adult).

Master of Science or Master of Arts in General Psychology

  • For the MS or MA in General Psychology the 18 undergraduate hours must include three of the following courses: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, social psychology, biopsychology, physiological psychology, sensation and perception, personality theory, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology (lifespan, child, adolescent, or adult), and/or history and systems of psychology. For the MA or MS in General Psychology students must complete the 18 core curriculum graduate hours listed below. The remaining course electives will be decided on by students in consultation with their adviser. The MA or MS in general psychology may be completed in either thirty (30) or thirty six (36) graduate hours depending on student’s specific plan of study.   

Students applying to any of these psychology graduate programs must have at least 18 semester hours of undergraduate psychology. Prerequisites for both programs include courses in statistics and experimental psychology/research methods.

Additional undergraduate courses may be needed to allow students to enroll in specific TAMUK graduate courses. Applicants to the MA Counseling Psychology or MS/MA General Psychology program must have an undergraduate Psychology GPA of at least 3.0 and a preferred GRE score of 297 (Verbal and Quantitative).

To apply for admission to either of the graduate programs, applicants must submit GRE scores, undergraduate transcripts, a personal statement, Curriculum Vitae, and three (3) letters of recommendation.

Applicants to either of the psychology graduate programs must be approved by the Psychology Graduate Admissions Review committee before formal acceptance into the program. Contact the Admissions Committee chair for application details and deadlines. In general, applications are accepted during the spring semester for admission in the fall.

The Master of Arts Counseling Psychology degree is designed for students desiring to provide applied mental health services; it prepares students to sit for the state Licensed Professional Counselor exam. The LPC requirements include 60 hours of courses, as required by the Texas Board of Professional Counselors.

The Master of Science or Master of Arts in General Psychology degree is designed for students desiring to pursue doctoral studies or teaching careers.  

This page was last updated on: June 23, 2016