Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Dr. Richard Miller
Department Chair & Professor, Psychology
Manning Hall 120A
Voice: 361.593.4181
Email: Richard.Miller@tamuk.edu 
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Administrative Assistant

Lisa Martinez
Manning Hall 120
Voice: 361.593.2701 Fax: 361-593-2707
Email: lisa.martinez@tamuk.edu


Dr. Jieming Chen
Professor, Sociology
Undergraduate Coordinator of Sociology
Manning Hall 114
Voice: 361.593.4063
Email: jmchen@tamuk.edu
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Dr. Donald Daughtry
Professor, Psychology
Graduate Coordinator of Psychology
Manning Hall 115
Voice: 361.593.4829
Email: kfdwd01@tamuk.edu
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Dr. Lloyd Dempster
Professor, Criminology & Psychology
Manning Hall 150
Voice: 361.593.2685
Email: kflvd00@tamuk.edu

Dr. Joseph V. Domino
Professor, Criminology & Sociology
Undergraduate Coordinator of Criminology
Manning Hall 156
Voice: 361.593.2703
Email: j-domino@tamuk.edu
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Dr. Bennie Green
Professor, Sociology
Graduate Coordinator of Sociology
Manning Hall 151
Voice: 361.593.2706
Email: bennie.green@tamuk.edu
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Associate Professors

Dr. Stanley Hodges
Associate Professor,
Criminology & Sociology
Manning Hall 216
Voice: 361.593.2826
Email: stan.hodges@tamuk.edu  
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Dr. Colin Wark
Associate Professor, Criminology & Sociology
Graduate Coordinator of Criminology
Manning Hall 214
Voice: 361.593.2693
Email: colin.wark@tamuk.edu 
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Dr. Brenda Hannon
Associate Professor, Psychology
Manning Hall 113
Voice: 361.593.2698
Email: brenda.hannon@tamuk.edu 
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Assistant Professors

Dr. Marion Blake
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Manning Hall 200
Voice: 361.593.2328
Email: marion.blake@tamuk.edu 
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Dr. Dana Byrd
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Manning Hall 206/205
Voice: 361.593.2694/4887
Email: dana.byrd@tamuk.edu 
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Dr. Nadia Hasan
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Email: kunth001@tamuk.edu 
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Dr. Christine Reiser-Robbins
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Manning Hall 242
Voice: 361.593.4828
Email: christine.robbins@tamuk.edu
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Daehoon Han
Assistant Professor
Voice: 361-593-4259
Email: Daehoon.han@tamuk.edu
Manning Hall 203
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Soyoung Kwon
Assistant Professor
Voice: 361-593-4893
Email: Soyoung.kwon@tamuk.edu
Manning Hall 217
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Adjunct Professors

Amaka Agiriga
Adjunct Professor, Psychology  
Email: amyokeke@tamuk.edu 
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Janet Altamirano
Adjunct Professor, Anthropology
Email: janet.altamarino@tamuk.edu
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Carolyn S. Rains
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology & Sociology
Email: kucs001@tamuk.edu  
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Gloria Segovia
Adjunct Professor, Sociology &
Southwest Borderland Studies
Manning Hall 200
Voice: 361.593.2450
Email: gloria.segovia@tamuk.edu

Christopher B. Salinas
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
Manning Hall 112
Email: Christopher.salinas@tamuk.edu 

Lavinia Isassi
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology, Psychology,
Sociology, & Southwest Borderland Studies
Manning   Hall 201
Voice: 361.593.4825
Email: lavinia.isassi@tamuk.edu


William McClendon
Lecturer, Criminology & Sociology
Manning Hall 215
Voice: 361.593.2688 
Email: wwmcclendon@yahoo.com
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Roman Smith
Lecturer, Sociology
Manning Hall 217
Voice: 361.593.4893
Email: kurps001@tamuk.edu
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Jessica Stephens
Lecturer, Psychology
Manning Hall 122
Voice: 972.510.4575
Email: jessicastephens8604@gmail.com
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Lora M. Serna
Lecturer, Psychology
Manning Hall 123
Email: kulms014@tamuk.edu 
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Rina E. Garza
Lecturer, Dual Enrollment - Sociology
Email: kureg006@tamuk.edu 
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Melissa Diaz-Carrasco
Lecturer, Psychology & Sociology
Manning Hall 123
Voice: 361.593.2689
Email: Melissa.carrasco@tamuk.edu 
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Kristina Bernal-Marichalar
Lecturer, Sociology
Manning Hall 203
Voice: 361.593.4259
Email: kukyb000@tamuk.edu 
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Dr. Pedro Chavez
Lecturer, Psychology
Manning Hall 201
Voice: 361.593.4825
Email: pedro.chavez@tamuk.edu
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Graduate Assistants:

Tyler Collette

Velma Hernandez

Gabriela Lopez

Peter Pardo

Nadia Sherman

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