Minor in Anthropology

     Anthropology is an excellent companion to majors such as Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Communications, Business, Education, Language and Literature, and Health-related fields.

     A minor in Anthropology requires 18 credit hours. Any combination of courses may be taken to satisfy the requirements; however, it is recommended that all students minoring in anthropology take the three foundational courses of Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology, and Introduction to Physical Anthropology. Students may pursue their particular interests in anthropology by customizing their course selection.

     The exact requirements for the minor in anthropology as well course descriptions may be found in the University Catalog, accessible at: http://www.tamuk.edu/academics/catalog/2014-2016/index.html

Is Extra-institutional Learning Available for Anthropology Minors?

     The Anthropology program offers many opportunities for students to deepen their interest and training in Anthropology through field research, internship, job, and extra-curricular experiences. These activities supplement classroom instruction, facilitate the development of organizational and leadership skills, and may lead to graduate education and employment opportunities.

For more information, see the “Research Opportunities” and “Professional Development” links on the website.​

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