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Welcome to the Physics program at Texas A&M University— Kingsville. We hope you are someone who is fascinated by the fundamental laws and principles that govern our universe, motivated o excel in your university experience, and satisfying career in academia, industry, or government. We offer a versatile Bachelor of Science in Physics degree plan which is adaptable to the interests of students preparing for a variety of careers, ranging from the infinite cosmos to infinitesimal particles, and everything in between.  Students can also double-major in physics and another field, or minor in physics; either choice increases the marketability of the graduate. More...

Texas Physics Consortium

Texas A&M University-Kingsville is a part of the Texas Physics Consortium (TPC). The TPC (formerly TECP) is a group of Physics Departments from various universities around Texas that work together to provide access to high-quality courses and lectures from experts in each area of study. 

For further information on the TPC, please go to the TPC website (currently hosted by Tarleton State University) here.

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