A Message from the Program

Welcome to the Physics program at Texas A&M University- Kingsville. We hope you are someone who is (1) fascinated by the fundamental laws and principles that govern our universe, (2) motivated to excel in your university experience, and (3) interested in developing skills and knowledge that will lead to a productive and satisfying career in academia, industry, or government.

We offer a versatile Bachelor of Science in Physics degree plan which is adaptable to the interests of students preparing for a variety of careers, ranging from the infinite cosmos to infinitesimal particles, and everything in between. Students can also double-major in physics and another field, or minor in physics; either choice increases the marketability of the graduate.

Our program is small in size, so our majors receive personal attention and assistance that they could never expect to obtain at a larger university. Through our association with the Texas Physics Consortium, our majors have access to opportunities, and the expertise of a large number of faculty members, in a physics program distributed throughout the state of Texas.

Our majors will conduct physics research projects as undergraduates. Some begin such hands-on activities as early as their freshman year. A few participate in Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs at various major universities throughout the nation. Recently we graduated a student who went to UCLA one summer and to MIT the next. Upon graduation, he received graduate support at UCLA to work on a Ph. D. in astronomy.

In summary, we are growing a quality program in physics and are happy to welcome anyone willing to join us in this mission of excellence. If you are interested, please contact the department to arrange for a personal tour of our facilities and our campus.

This page was last updated on: July 17, 2018