Mineralogy/Petrology Lab

Fully equipped lab classroom containing 16 Nikon petrographic (polarizing) microscopes, a research-grade microscope with reflected light and heat stage/cold state capabilities, rock samples, and an instructor station with software that projects the microscope samples to the PC and screen.

Geospatial Technologies Lab

Hardware/software: recently upgraded classroom equipment (shown above) with 25 iMac’s dual projectors and screens, and the latest geospatial software including ESRI’s ArcGIS 10.2 (all extensions), ENVI/IDL 5.1, and Google Earth Pro. The lab is also equipped with groundwater modeling software (GMS) for Hydrogeology applications.

Geospatial Research Lab

The geospatial research lab (GSRL) is a campus interdisciplinary research center where faculty/staff/students and members of the local community can take GIS workshops as well as conduct GIS-related research within their specific disciplines. The lab contains 15 workstations with ESRI’s ArcGIS 10.2 and other geospatial software, a large format HP plotter, as well as an upgraded Panasonic projector. 

Recent geospatial lab research projects (involving faculty and students) include:
• GIS Architecture Development – Rancho La Union (historical ranch in South Texas).
• Investigating the effects of recent land use/land cover change on the growth of the urban heat island in San Antonio, Texas (2005-2014).
• Detecting and mapping the urban heat island and microclimate effects for heat mitigation planning in Kingsville, Texas.
• City of Kingsville, Texas historical surveys and GIS mapping of the historical district.

Equipment and other resources

Our Geospatial lab and classroom are equipped with state of the art field instruments and software to conduct research, support teaching, and outreach activities. This includes a spectroradiometer, a Trimble GEOXH handheld differential GPS (with Terrasync and GPS Correct/GPS Analyst software), 30 Trimble Juno 3 GPS receivers, and meteorological instrumentation that can measure location with mobile temperature and relative humidity using a Garmin GPS unit. 

This page was last updated on: January 6, 2016