Minor in Geographic Information Systems

The Minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to receive additional coursework and skills needed beyond the current GIS certificate available within the Department of Physics and Geosciences.

The minor in GIS consists of five 4-SCH courses, three required and two chosen from among alternatives. The required courses are GEOG 2472 Intro. GIS, GEOG 4429 Advanced GIS and GEOG 4435 Remote Sensing. The remaining two courses shall be selected from GEOG 3450 Field Mapping & Global Positioning, GEOG 3460 GIS in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, GEOG 4436 Advanced Remote Sensing and GEOG 4441 GIS for Business. Courses counted in this minor may not also be counted toward a minor in Geography.

Assistantship positions available to TAMUK students! 

With the support of a National Geospatial Intelligence Agency grant, Department of Physics & Geosciences at TAMUK is accepting applications for three GEOINT Assistantship positions for the year 2019. Selected students who are committed to earn a minor in GIS will receive $2,000. Recipients must be undergraduate sophomores or juniors currently attending TAMUK. Applications are due Dec 6, 2018.  For more information please contact Dr. Haibin Su @ 361-593-4089 or kuhs2009@tamuk.edu.

Application form PDF

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