Past Exhibits

Fanciful Santas

Since 1970, local artist Peggy Westbrook creates whimsical Santa figurines from wooden bedposts, balustrades, and other turned wooden objects. With just her imagination and acrylic paints, Westbrook designs unique folkart figures, no two of which are exactly alike. Designed to bring a bit of holiday spirit to young and old alike, this fun and colorful exhibit features over 38 of her fun and colorful Santas created through the years.


I Call South Texas Home: Artworks by Maurice Schmidt

Aug 30-Oct 25, 2018

Mariachis by Maurice Schmidt

Mariachis by Maurice Schmidt

84 Original artworks by local artist Maurice Schmidt, Professor Emeritus, 1965-2006 Texas A&M University-Kingsville Department of Art, Communication, and Theater. Schmidt embraces a variety of media, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, lithography, sculpture and much more with his unique style. Painting only from life, Schmidt captures a dynamic sense of motion and color in his work. This exhibition focuses on Mexicana themes, but includes various samples of Schmidt's interpretation of the unique South Texas region he calls home.



Dolores Price: A Few Favorites at Conner Museum July 10 through August 16


Local artist Dolores Price is nationally recognized for her vibrant watercolors. Price also provides art instruction in her Kingsville art studio and her paintings have been selected fro many years as the signature image for the Texas A&M University-Kingsville President’s Legacy Ball. Price has chosen a selection of her paintings--some familiar, some new-- for her final art exhibition in Kingsville.




Mexican Calendar Art

Alive with vibrant colors and dynamic action, this exhibit of 25 paintings and prints represents some of the best Mexican popular art produced from the 1930s through the 1960s for reproduction on commercial calendars distributed by various Mexican industries. Well-known artists from Mexico, Spain, and Europe were employed by large Mexican printing firms to create these idealistic and glamorous scenes of Mexican culture, imagery, and beautiful senoritas. Accompanied by six original Mexican calendars, this bilingual exhibit celebrates the beauty of this popular art produced for mass distribution.

Celebration of Quilts 2018

Jan 17-Mar 14, 2018

The Museum's annual exhibit dedicated to the art and craft of quilting, Celebration of Quilts 2018 will feature original works crafted by the Kingsville Saturday Quilters. The show, now in its 14th year, features 40 quilts in a a variety of patterns and designs ranging from traditional patterns to unique art quilts.

From Clay to Bronze

Sept. 15 - Dec. 15, 2017

Lena Olson with Billy Pooley Bust

Lena Olson with bust Howard R Pooley (Driscoll ISD)

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Lena Olson has been an artist and sculptor for over three decades. Olson studied life drawing at Texas A&M University-Kingsville with Professor Emeritus Dr. William Renfrow who taught Art from 1961-2004. Later at Indiana University, Olson immersed herself in painting, drawing, art history, and portrait sculpture. As a sculptor, she learned figure modeling, mold making, and every aspect of bronze casting, including metal chasing, welding and pouring bronze. Her bronze portrait busts are displayed in private collections, government institutions, and museums.

"When sculpting a likeness, I most enjoy the magical moment when I suddenly feel as if I am in another’s space." - Lena Olson

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