Minor in Mathematics

To gain an edge in the job market, it is a good idea for students to add to their major a  marketable
minor which will provide them with the background and skills the current employers seek.

Jobs requiring background in mathematics are consistently among the top jobs listed in the Jobs Rated
Almanac published each year. Besides many positions in engineering, computer sciences, physics or
chemistry, a growing number of career opportunities lies in biology, geosciences, business or the social

A student with a minor in Mathematics has a wide range of job opportunities and a good chance for further
career advancement.  Math minor helps to improve analytical reasoning and problem solving skills, which
is a great asset for students  majoring in any field of study.  

A minor in Mathematics requires a minimum 18 semester hours in Mathematics, six hours must be at the
advanced level. The requirements of science or engineering majors usually include several of the basic
mathematics  courses needed for math minor. The choice of upper-level courses allows students to focus
on specific areas of interest.

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This page was last updated on: September 25, 2017