Graduate Statistics (STAT) Courses

Graduate level courses in statistics are designed to constitute a minor, supplementing
graduate students' courses of study in their major areas.  No degree is offered in

5331.  Statistical Computing.  3(3-0)
Provides the computer tools for modern research analysis.  Introduction to use of
computer and statistical software.  Includes applications of SAS to data entry,
experimental design, regression, surveys.
Prerequisite:  One statistics course or equivalent.  Laboratory Fee  $5.00

5343.  Applied Regression Analysis.  3(3-0)
Multiple regression analysis, selecting the "best" regression equation, general
model building, introductory linear models.
Prerequisite:  an advanced statistics course.  Laboratory Fee, $5.00

5345.  Analysis of Research Data.  3(3-0)
Basic concepts and techniques for research, including completely randomized
design, factorial, randomized complete block, split-plot, Latin square and analysis of
Prerequisite:  One statistics course or equivalent.  Laboratory Fee, $5.00

5390.  Advanced Topics in Statistics.  3(3-0)
Different areas of advanced statistics will be covered at separate offerings of this
course.  Topics include sampling techniques, multivariate analysis, quality
control techniques.  May be repeated once.
Prerequisite:  6 semester hours of advanced statistics or the equivalent. 
Laboratory Fee, $5.00

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