Graduate Comprehensive Examination

Under Plan II, the graduate student must pass a comprehensive exam over courses in
the major field.  If the number of semester hours in the minor field is nine or more, then
the comprehensive exam must include courses in the minor field.


  • No make-up or additional Graduate Comprehensive Exams will be offered.

Academic Probation

  • Any student on academic probation will not be allowed to take the Graduate
    comprehensive Examination.


  • A graduate student must register by the deadline in order to be eligible to take the
    Graduate Comprehensive Examination.
  • Even if a graduate student has registered in a past semester for the Graduate
    Comprehensive Exam, he/she must re-register in order to take a subsequent
    Graduate Comprehensive Exam.
  • Any unexcused absence from the registered Graduate Comprehensive Exam will
    be counted as a failure on that Graduate Comprehensive Exam.

Exam Content
The Graduate Comprehensive Exam will consist of separate tests:

  • One test over the major and/or minor field
  • Not less than five courses (not including stemwork or free electives) in the
    major must be specified.   If the student is a major in mathematics, the exam
    must include the core courses of Math 5390, Math 5321, and Math 5341.  Up
    to five courses (not including stemwork or free electives) in the minor must
    be specified.  The Exams based on coursework must cover the full semester
    of each course.


  • For a full minor (15 semester hours), the average must be at least 60 out of 100.


  • If a student fails the Graduate Comprehensive Exam, then the student must wait until
    another regularly scheduled Graduate Comprehensive Exam to take it again.

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