Administration of Graduate Program

In the Department of Mathematics, the graduate coordinator has the primary responsibility for
advising the graduate student during registration, preparing the degree plan, overseeing the student's
progress, and representing the student before the Graduate Dean.

The graduate student's program committee has the responsibility for defining the student's program
of study, monitoring the student's progress, conducting the oral defense and confirming the student
for graduation.

The graduate student should review sections of the annual catalog, titled "Academic Regulations" for
rules which apply for all programs, graduate and undergraduate.  Some regulations that apply specifically
for the graduate program in mathematics are listed below:

  • Any graduate student with major, minor, or split-minor in mathematics or statistics must
    get approval from the graduate coordinator to enroll in any MATH 53XX or STAT 53XX
    course on the student's degree plan.
  • No independent study using MATH 53XX or STAT 53XX will be allowed without written
    consent of the graduate coordinator
  • Any graduate student with a cumulative GPA less than 3.0 in MATH 53XX and/or STAT
    53XX courses cannot be recommended or hired as a graduate teaching assistant.  A
    waiver must be signed by the members of the Graduate Coordination Committee.

This page was last updated on: January 7, 2016