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Javelina Cup Mathematics Competition 2014

Third Annual Javelina Cup Mathematics Competition

Forty-two ninth and tenth graders from area schools competed in the Javelina Cup Mathematics Competition held on December 13, 2014.

 Individual Winners

Fernando Martinez, a freshman from James Pace High School, earned the first place award, a $1,500 TAMUK scholarship. Pablo Miranda, a sophomore from James Pace High School, earned the second place TAMUK scholarship of $1,000, and Marissa Flores, a freshman from James Pace High School, earned the third place TAMUK $500 scholarship.

Team Trophies

The first place team trophy went to James Pace High School: Elimuelk Acuna, Marissa Flores, Alan Lopez, and Fernando Martinez.

 The second place team trophy went to Banquete High School: Amara Ramirez, Cindy Verkest, Michael Herrera, and Theodore Cavazos.

The third place team trophy went to George West High School: Alexandrea Arciba, Hannah Whitus, Courtney Cole, and Hannah Clayton.


Top 25 Finishers

Each top 25 finisher received a $25 I Tunes gift card.

Fernando Martinez, Pablo Miranda, Marissa Flores, Jose Escobedo, Sammantha Garcia, Allison Monterrubio, Alan Lopez, Francisco Haces, Francisco Juarez, Elimuelk Acuna, Hannah Clayton, Andrea Nunez, Karla Ruelas, Marily Caldera, Alexandra Poggio, Amara Ramirez, Cindy Verkest, Julio Gonzalez, MacKenzie Cantu, Klarissa Alvarado, Landry Keith, Nathaly Lopez, Crescencio Zapata, Savannah Borland, and Joseph Mathis

2013 Javelina Cup Winners

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