Personnel Profile

Hueytzen J. Wu, Professor

Hueytzen J. Wu

Ph.D. University of Arkansas

Research Interests:

  • Functional Analysis
  • General Topology

Selected Publications:

  1. “Extensions and New Observations of Tychonoff, Stone-Weierstrass
    Theorems, Compactifications and the Realcompactification.” pages
    107-116, Topology and its Applications  16 (1983).
  2.  “A Vector Lattice Representation Theorem and a Characterization
    of Locally Compact Hausdorff Spaces.” pages 1-14, Journal of
    Functional Analysis, Vol. 65, No. 1, January 1986.
  3. “A Stone Approximation Theorem For TM-Partition Spaces” Pages
    173-177, TexasJournal of  Science, Volume 42, Number 2, May, 1990.
  4. “A Generalized Process of Stone-Cech Compactification and
    Realcompactification of an Arbitrary Topological Space.”
    pages 269-283, General Topology and Application,
    Volume 123, 1990,
     Marcel Dekker Inc
  5. "A net and open-filter process of compactification and the
    Stone-Cech, Wallman compactifications." by Hueytzen J. Wu
    and Wan-Hong Wu, Topology and its  Applications 153
    (2006), pages 1291-1301.*
  6. "An arbitrary Hausdorff compactification of a Tychonoff
    space X obtained from a C*D-base by a modified Wallman
    method." by Hueytzen J. Wu and Wan-Hong Wu, Topology and its
    Applications 155 (2008), pages 1163-1168.**

*The paper (5) was ranked the eighth in Science Direct Top 25
Hottest Articles  January - March, 2006.

** The paper (6) was ranked the sixteenth in Science Direct
Top 25 Hottest Articles
, April - June,2008 

** The paper (6) is a solution of an open question that had
posted since 1938.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
Rhode Hall 238
MSC 172 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-3190
fax: (361) 593-3518
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