Personnel Profile

Sarjinder Singh, Professor

Sarjinder Singh

Ph.D. Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana India

Research Interests:

  • Survey Sampling
  • Applied Statistics

Selected Publications:

Singh, S. (2012). On calibration of design weights using a displacement function. Metrika 75: 85-107.

Gjestvang, C.R and Singh, S. (2006). A new randomized response model. J. R. Statist. Soc., B, 68, 523-530.

Research book/monograph:  

A New Concept for Tuning Design Weights in Survey Sampling:  Jackknifing in Theory and Practice  Authors: Sarjinder Singh, Stephen A. Sedory, Maria Rueda, Antonio Arcos and Raghunath Arnab Accepted: Feb 2015 by the publisher ELSEVIER (In press).

Singh, S. (2003). Advanced Sampling Theory with Applications: How Michael “selected” Amy  Vol. 1 & 2,  pp. 1-1247, Kluwer Academic Publisher, The Netherlands.

Textbook:  Singh, S. (2006). Thinking Statistically: Elephants Go to School pp.1-676, Kendall/Hunt
Publishing Company, Iowa, USA.

Book chapters jointly with MS students: 

Lee, C.S., Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2015).Cramer-Rao lower bounds of variance for estimating two proportions and their overlap by using two-decks of cards. Accepted by ELSEVIER.

Su, Cing-Shu, Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2015). Estimation of means of two rare sensitive characteristics. Accepted by ELSEVIER.

Johnson, M.L, Sedory, S. and Singh, S. (2015). Incredibly efficient use of a Negative Hypergeometric distribution in randomized response sampling. Accepted by ELSEVIER.

Mohamed, C., Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2015).  Comparison of different imputing methods for scrambled responses. Accepted by ELSEVIER.

MS students supervised: Lee, Cheon-Sig; Su, Ching-Su; Johnson, M.L and Mohamed, C.

Peer Reviewed publications from MS theses and Undergraduate Projects:  

Johnson, M.L., Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2016).  Alternative methods to make efficient use of two decks of cards in randomized response sampling. Sociological Methods and Research (Accepted)

Mohamed, C.,  Sedory, S. A.  and Singh, S. (2016). Imputation using higher order moments of an auxiliary variable. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation (Accepted)

 Lee, Cheon-Sig, Su, Ching-Su, Mondragon, K., Salinas, V.I., Zamora, M.L., Sedory. S.A. and Singh, S. (2015). Comparison of Cramer-Rao lower bounds of variances for at least equal protection of respondents. Statistica Neerlandica (Accepted)

Su, Ching-Su, Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2015). Adjusted Kuk’s model using two non-sensitive characteristics unrelated to the sensitive characteristic. Communications in Statistics-Theory and  Methods (Accepted)

Su, Shu-Ching, Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2014). Kuk’s model adjusted for protection and efficiency.  Sociological Methods and Research (Accepted).  

Dykes, Lee, Singh, S., Sedory, S.A. and Luis, V. (2014). Calibrated estimators of population mean for a mail-survey design. Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods (In press).

Lee, Cheon-Sig, Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2013). Simulated minimum sample sizes for various randomized response models. Communications in Statistics: Sim. and Comp, 42(4), 771-789.

Lee, Cheon-Sig, Sedory, S.A. and Singh, S. (2013).  Estimating at least seven measures for  qualitative variables using randomized response sampling. Statistics and Probability Letters, 83,399-409.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
Rhode Hall 223
MSC 172 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: (361) 593-3198
fax: (361) 593-3518
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