French Club

Le club de Francais

-Our goal is to educate the community about the rich  culture of the French.

-Our club offers many fun  activities for members and non-members.

-We have activities such as National French Week where we support the study of the French culture.

-We enjoy eating lots of French food and celebrating the traditional French holidays. 

-Come join us for  fun, food, and great friends!!!

french flag   French version


The French Club is dedicated to the study and promotion of the French language and culture. The club provides a fun, relaxing environment to appreciate the French culture. The French Club sponsors the weekly "French Roundtable", French lunch to immerse in French language, French film night, and other exciting activities.  Additionally, French Club helps organize and plan National French Week.



French Club meetings are every week on Wednesday at 1 o clock in Fore Hall Blue Room.

*Meeting times change every semester so be sure to check the website at the beginning of each semester for updated meeting times.


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The most fun of the French Club comes along during our activities. We have had ideas that range from dining at a well-known French restaurant to National French Week.
Past Activities include
The French Club is generally creates activities throughout the semester including Marti Gras Party, Fall Carnival, Christmas Party, Halloween Party, Wine and Cheese Party, National French Week, French Concert on Campus, Trip to Paris, France, Trip to Martinique, and semester cultural trips in Texas.

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