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The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Curriculum Committee normally meets only when proposals have been submitted. Meetings occur on Fridays in the Fore Hall Blue Room at 3:30 pm. Those whose proposals are being considered and those to whom these are of interest are invited to attend.

Deadlines to ensure publication in the catalog by the next catalog cycle; or to ensure that the courses are available on Degree Works in the following fall, are as follows:

Sept. 15 Curriculum proposals due to Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

Oct. 15 All Arts and Sciences Curriculum proposals are due to the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

Nov. 15 All proposals at UCC must advance to the Provost's office

The Committee's goal is to assist faculty to change course catalogs to benefit their disciplines, departments and their students.

  • Bylaws of the Committee, authored by Dr. Paul Cox

Please click on the links below for assistance with preparing a curriculum proposal:

Undergraduate Courses

Fill out the appropriate forms (download below), and follow the instructions below to create course proposals. Have the Approval Form signed by the Department Committee and the Department Chair. Scan (or deliver by mail) the Approval Form; send all proposals and their Identifier Sheets via e-mail to the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee chair.

New Graduate Courses

To create a new course or revise an old one requires uploading the proposal into a workflow in your department chair's office. All graduate proposals must have a Rigor Statement. Please read about it and download here.

General Education Core

To add a course to the general education core, send a copy of your approved undergraduate curriculum proposal to the General Education committee for consideration. 

Writing Intensive Courses

There are different procedures for revising an old course (does not need to go to the college curriculum committee) and creating a new course (does go to college curriculum committee).

  • Form to request that a course be designated WI (Writing Intensive)
  • Instructions for developing WI courses. New WI courses pass through their respective college and University Curriculum Committees.

Hybrid Courses

  • New hybrid courses flow through the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee and through the University Curriculum Committee. However, prospective developers of hybrid courses must obtain training through the Center for Teaching Effectiveness.

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