Scholarship Application


Please print and fill out all pages. Return to Fore 110 before the deadline.

Check appropriate category:

English:   Major_______ Spanish:  Major_______


1)                  High school transcript showing rank in class and test scores (for entering freshman) or college transcript (for advanced students).

2)                  Three letters of recommendation addressing applicant’s academic record/potential and financial need.

3)                  A brief biography (500-750 words).  See attachment.


(Attach additional sheet if necessary)


Name:        ____________________________________________________________

Address:    _____________________________________________________________

City:   _______________________   State:    _____________   Zip:    ___________

Telephone:   _________________________        K #:   _______________________

Honors, Awards, Achievements:  __________________________________________


Extracurricular Activities:             __________________________________________


All information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I hereby give permission to the Department of Language and Literature to share this information for the purpose of review, recruitment, and public relations.

Signature:  ___________________________________  Date:   __________________

Application Deadline:  Application deadlines, which are usually near the end of March, are posted in the building in the early part of the year. You may also contact the Department’s administrative assistant in Fore 110.

Student Eligibility to Receive Cash Award Disbursements

STEP 1: Please read the information below.

The Department of Language and Literature uses merit-based criteria to determine scholarship awards.  Merit-based criteria means academic achievement and excellence.  However, the Financial Aid Office uses need-based criteria to determine the amount of actual cash disbursement, loan reduction, or debt repayment award amounts.

The Federal government sets a maximum amount of financial aid which a student may receive per semester through loans, grants, work study, and scholarships.  The formula for the amount of said aid as administered by the Financial Aid Office remains the formula below:

Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) – Cost of Education = Need

If this department scholarship causes a student to go over the unmet need budget, then other need-based aid – other than Pell grants – will be reduced rather than for the student to receive a direct financial award.  Other need-based aid includes student loads, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Texas Publication Education Grants, and Federal Work-Study Programs.

STEP 2: Please sign below that you understand the nature of this department scholarship.

I have read the above and understand the financial need component inherent in scholarship awards.          

                                        Student Name (printed):  _____________________________________

                                                Student signature:  ______________________________________

                                                                   Date: ______________________________________

STEP 3: Stop by the Financial Aid Office to determine the amount of your unmet need.

Initials of the person at Financial Aid with whom you talked: ______________   Date: __________

STEP 4: Are you planning on graduating this December.  Check one:          YES ____   NO ____

STEP 5: Fill out the cover sheet for your application on page one. 

Assemble your appropriate documents, and submit your scholarship application by Friday, April 1, 2011 before 5p.m.


 Connecting Personal and academic experiences: (Attach additional sheet if necessary).

      1.    What has influenced your decision to pursue a college degree? 


  1. How will the study of languages and literary traditions help you attain your personal and professional goals? (Attach additional sheet if necessary).

 Including detailed examples and demonstrating commitment to the area of study:

  1. What inspires you academically?  Describe one moment in which you felt inspired when studying for a class or participating in a class discussion. (Attach additional sheet if necessary).
  1. What literary text has become important to you?  What relationship do you see between this text and your personal or academic journey? (Attach additional sheet if necessary).
  1. How has your ability to communicate in multiple languages helped you?  Describe one moment in which realized that being bilingual (or polylingual) provided you with new opportunities. (Attach additional sheet if necessary). 

Describing successes and framing failures:

  1. What obstacles have you overcome to achieve success in your academic studies? (Attach additional sheet if necessary)
  1. In what ways have you pushed yourself to grow academically and personally while in college?  What have you learned from these experiences? (Attach additional sheet if necessary).


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