Cultural Studies Courses

These two courses are required of students taking an MA in Cultural Studies. They form the basis of graduate student theoretical knowledge as well as research methods.

CULS 5300-- Introduction to Cultural Studies and Text Analysis
CULS 5301-- Research Methods in Cultural Studies Theory

The following course stands as an introduction to teaching theory and praxis for those who may wish to teach. Students who have 18 hours of coursework successfully behind them may wish to apply to teach introductory English or Spanish courses at the Department of Language and Literature:

CULS 5302-- Teaching Composition

Students are required to take the following course twice as they work with their thesis advisor and write the MA thesis:

CULS 5306-- Thesis Research

MA students take a choice of further courses in Spanish, English, or from those below to make 30 hours of coursework:

CULS 5310-- Topics in South Texas Cultural Studies
CULS 5311-- Topics in Southwest Cultural Studies
CULS 5312-- Topics in Feminism and Third World Feminism Theory and Writing
CULS 5320-- Topics in Comparative Studies in Cultural Studies
CULS 5330-- Topics in Trans-Atlantic Film Studies
CULS 5340-- Topics in Pre-Colonial, Colonial, and Postcolonial Studies
CULS 5350-- Topics in Sustainable Humanities
CULS 5360-- Spanish Peninsular Literature
CULS 5365-- Spanish American Literature
CULS 5370-- British Literature
CULS 5375-- U.S. American Literature

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