Department of Language and Literature


The primary mission of the Department of Language and Literature is to meet the education and research related needs of the diverse cultural populations of the region by exploring global languages and literatures.

We seek to communicate, to describe our surroundings with precision, to move the heart, to explore the ways of knowing, and to discover how culture is encoded through language. We aspire to grow intellectually and to share knowledge and culture with those beyond our four walls.

The department makes a major effort to provide life-long learning opportunities in modern languages including English, Spanish, and French, to residents of all ages and to serve as the linguistic and literary center for the region.

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Degrees We Offer

Important Contact Information

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Roberto Vela Cordova

Freshman English Coordinator: Dr. Jody A. Marin

Dual Credit Coordinator: Dr. Craig A. Meyer

Writing Center Director: Dr. Steven Corbett

Faculty Sponsors

Sigma Tau Delta: Dr. Pamela Wright

Sigma Delta Pi: Mr. Marco Iñiguez Alba

English Club: Dr. Bryan Hinojosa

French Club: Ms. Svetlana Singer

Writer's Bloc: Dr. Kenneth Price

Useful Links

University Writing Center

Purdue OWL

Research and Documentation Online

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Français Interactif


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Reading by well-known Latina poet Pat Mora as part of the Lucille Kruse Reading Series on Monday, April 23. Check out event poster for more details.

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