Public History

Students interested in public history should major in history and minor in anthropology. In their junior year they should register for HIST 4305 History Internship. In addition, students have 22 credit hours of free electives. Students interested in public history can use these electives to better their knowledge of aspects of public history.

Recommended classes for these free electives are:

ARTS 2303 History of Architecture
GEOG 1303 World Geography
GEOG 2472 Introduction to GIS
GEOG 3331 United States and Canada
GEOG 4429 Advanced GIS
MKTG 3324 Principles of Marketing
POLS 4314 State and Local Government and Administration

For further information about public history contact: Dr. Anders Greenspan 

For information about the minor in anthropology contact: Dr. Christine Reiser Robbins

This page was last updated on: June 29, 2017