Pi Sigma Alpha was founded in 1920 at the University of Texas to bring together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics.  It is the national honor society for undergraduate and graduate students in political science.  There are currently over 460 chapters throughout the country.  Through the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), Pi Sigma is linked to 59 other academic honor societies.  The TAMUK Pi Sigma Alpha chapter was first organized in 1987-88 with fourteen charter members.  Since Fall 1987, more than fifty student and faculty members have been inducted into the local chapter.  Two honorary members have been inducted as well.  They are State Representative Irma Rangel (Fall 1991) and State Senator Carlos F. Truan (Spring 1992).  Both are graduates of TAMUK (then Texas A&I University).


Pi Sigma Alpha gives students the opportunity for valuable administrative experience as chapter officers or organizers of chapter activities.  The local chapter can compete for Chapter Activities Grants awarded each year by the National Honor Society.  For example, our Pi Sigma chapter was awarded a grant which was used to fund a South Texas Town Meeting in the Spring of 1992.  The Town Meeting held at TAMUK focused on public and higher education issues.  Pi Sigma Alpha chapters may engage in a wide range of activities, including sponsorship of speakers and public forums; publishing newsletters or journals; organizing field trips; sending representatives to regional and national meetings; organizing community service activities such as voter registration drives; conducting surveys, straw polls, and mock elections; hosting conferences for high school or college students; participating in university activities that are open to student organizations; organizing fund-raisers; providing services such as mentoring and tutoring fellow students and organizing local GRE or LSAT reviews; etc.


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