Explore The Past...Discover Your Future

Welcome to the History Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Students in the History Program receive personalized attention from talented faculty members who teach across a variety of disciplines.

Students in the History Program do much more than learn about the past; they have the opportunity to engage actively as historians, completing primary research, presenting papers at national conferences and completing internships at museums, archives and for The Journal of South Texas, which is edited by History Program faculty members.

Our professors have won a variety of awards, including the William J. Hall Faculty Award, the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award, the Be All You Can Be Award, and the Texas A&M University Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, three of our faculty members have been selected to present the prestigious Annual Faculty Lecture. Professors teach a variety of classes ranging geographically from the United States, to Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, and ranging topically from issues such as terrorism and genocide to civil rights and cultural history.

You've taken the first step to learning the value of becoming a Javelina History Major. Explore the past with us and discover your future.

This page was last updated on: February 15, 2017