Civic Engagement and Learning Communities

Civic Engagement: PSGP periodically partner with other TAMU-K entities on service learning and civic engagement projects. Most recently, PSGP worked with TAMU-K’s Honors College in developing a potential service learning project with the goal of assisting the City of San Diego, Duval County, Texas. Students who participate in such projects conduct field based research in local economic development, sustainability, historic preservation, education, social services, urban planning, etc., and earn course credits.

Learning Communities: The establishment of Learning Communities by including local high schools in PSGP is an integral and distinctive component of the Programs. This facilitates integrated learning between university students and university faculty with high school students and high school faculty. These Communities also allow TAMU-K to demonstrate to local high schools the diversity and quality of the University’s commitment to innovative and globally relevant learning strategies.

PSGP implement Learning Communities Projects by incorporating high school participants through the application of Internet-enabled technologies.  These technologies allow high school students, while remaining in Texas, to interact with PSGP students in foreign field locations.

A long-term Learning Community is being developed between PSGP and Incarnate Word Academy, a high school in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This page was last updated on: January 11, 2016