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Global Affairs Programs

The International Studies Minor, a College of Arts & Sciences Program, is currently housed in the Department of History, Political Science & Philosophy, and has offered multiple field-trip based Global Affairs Programs since 2008. Typically these programs take TAMUK students to overseas locations for short periods. Programs are often based at universities at foreign locations. Additional information about past and future programs can be found at the link below:

Future and Past Programs

The International Studies Minor, an inter-disciplinary program, enables students to add an international component to their major field of study and expose them to a variety of disciplines and to international applications of their field of study.  Doing so broaden students’ understanding of the larger world and may enhance their employability in a global workforce. The International Studies Minor will expose students to different countries and internationally oriented research through experiences abroad or through research projects, or both.

Students in the Program may get preference in registering for political science (Global Programs) courses which fulfill minor requirements and also take students to foreign countries.  Program students may also seek to meet requirements by applying for a limited number of foreign internships.

Current periodic political science (Global Programs) courses which may fulfill Minor requirements include courses which take students to Botswana (Africa); Bhutan (Asia); India (Asia); and New Zealand (Australasia).

The International Studies Minor requires 18 hours not counted for the student’s major, with at least 12 hours at the advanced level, distributed as follows:

3 hrs     from a Global Learning course additional to what your major requires (see under Core
Curriculum “Components” under “General Requirements for Graduation with a Baccalaureate Degree” in this catalog)

3 hrs      from HIST or POLS
 HIST 4318, HIST 4350, HIST 4356, HIST 4358, HIST 4370, HIST 4392, HIST 4396
 POLS 4341, POLS 4370, POLS 4317, POLS 4342, POLS 4343, POLS 4351, POLS 4354, POLS 4355

3 hrs      from GEOG/ ENGL/FREN/SPAN
 GEOG 1302, GEOG 2472, GEOG 3305
 ENGL 4370 (When taught from an international perspective)
 FREN 4310, SPAN 3321, SPAN 3361, SPAN 4319, SPAN 4320

3 hrs      from ANTH/SOCI/PHIL/ART
 ANTH 4308, SOCI 2361, PHIL 3323
 ARTS 1303, ARTS 1304

3 hrs      elective
Any approved elective.  Electives may be approved by the Director of International Studies
in the College of Arts and Sciences

 3 hrs      Study abroad, other approved foreign experience, or a research project with an
international focus or theme

For more information, please contact Dr. Nirmal Goswami, Program Director at 361-593-3506.


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