Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Students majoring or minoring in the various areas of the department are expected to take advantage of the experience and training offered to them in various activities sponsored by the university and the department.

All activities of the department are also open to members of the university who are not majoring or minoring in the department.

The student of journalism is expected to work with the student publication, The South Texan. Credit for this work can be received by registering for COMJ 2129 (Publications Laboratory).

The student of speech is expected to register for COMS 1144 (Forensic Lab) for a minimum of 3 semester hours of elective credit.

The student of theatre arts is required to register for theatre practice or rehearsal and performance each semester enrolled, except while student teaching. The student is also required to participate in a theatre activity each semester while at the university.

The student whose interests lie in radio/television is expected to participate in studio activities each semester with KTAI FM 91.1 or TAMUK TV-2.

Little Theatre and Jones Auditorium
Throughout the year the department presents a series of plays, including a summer musical (in cooperation with the Department of Music). The two theatres also host other presentations of varied nature.

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