Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Journalism (COMJ)

2129. Publications Laboratory. (COMM 2129)
1(0-2)Practical experience in publications. The course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours of credit.
Prerequisite: COMM 2311

2427. Photojournalism.
4(3-2)Basic techniques of film, exposure, development, flash, filters and printing and composition as they relate to press photography.
Laboratory fee: $5

3304. Feature and Special Articles.
3(3-0)Identifying and developing feature story ideas. Reporting and writing feature articles and arranging for appropriate pictures for publication in newspapers or periodicals. Emphasis on training students in identifying markets for nonfiction writing.
Prerequisite: junior standing

3321. Principles of Advertising.
3(3-0)Advertising writing, layout, typography and art work. Advertising campaigns, selling, practice exercises and advertising work for publication.

4301. History of Journalism.
3(3-0)Development of the newspaper in England and the United States with attention to the social, economic and political forces which brought about changes in journalistic techniques and in basic ideas as to newspaper functions. Study of the careers of noted journalists.

4302. Editorial Writing.
3(3-0)Purpose and style of editorial comment. Editorial page editing.
Prerequisite: junior standing

4322. Public Relations.
3(3-0)Principle of public relations and their application in business, industry, education, government, social agencies and other institutions; the medial of public relations; research methods used in public relations; journalistic implications of the public relations process. Case studies and analysis. Practice in public relations planning and writing.

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