Welch Lecture

This program was established in 1956 to encourage interest and excellence in chemical research within the State of Texas. Each lecturer speaks at three educational institutions in the state, ordinarily a combination of one larger and two smaller institutions when possible. For the smaller schools, which normally do not benefit from regular exposure to large conferences and seminars, the lecture series is especially meaningful.

One of the purposes of the lectureship program is to expand the knowledge of chemistry and to promote interest of undergraduates and graduates in chemistry. It is especially meaningful to these students to have the opportunity to talk to and to receive encouragement from chemists who excel in their fields of expertise. We encourage the institutions to provide time for our lecturers to visit with students.

Lecturers are encouraged to share with the faculty at the institutions they visit any suggestions or comments they have as to the structure or content of the chemistry program.

The lecture itself should be from 40-50 minutes with a question and answer session following. Lecturers should be aware of the type of audience they might be addressing. At some of the smaller institutions the audience may be made up of mostly undergraduates, as there may not be a graduate program in chemistry offered. Lecturers need not give the same lecture at each school.

The Foundation provides a Tour Evaluation sheet to each lecturer for each campus they will be visiting. This evaluation helps the Foundation to evaluate the lectureship program. The Foundation also provides an evaluation sheet to each of the institutions for their evaluation of the program.

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