Graduate Course Description


5130. Graduate Chemistry Seminar.                                                                                         1(1-0)  

Provides an understanding of the experimental procedures used by authors, helps students develop a critical mind when reading scientific papers and provides them with practice in presenting research work in front of an audience. This training is essential for the education of master’s and doctoral students. May be repeated for a total of 3 SCHs. Prerequisites: CHEM 3125, CHEM 3325

5301. Chemical Instruments, Advanced.                                                                            3(2-4)

Principles and practices in design of instruments for research, analysis and process control. Prerequisite: CHEM 4401.

5303. Advanced Analytical Chemistry.                                                                                3(3-0)

An advanced survey of principles of chemical analysis with emphasis on newer developments in the field of analytical chemistry. Prerequisite: CHEM 4401.

5305. Graduate Research Project.                                                                                         3

This course is specifically designed for Plan II and Plan III students. A graduate research project must be completed and submitted to the Department Office for a grade to be assigned, otherwise an S or U notation is recorded. Prerequisite: departmental approval. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

5306. Thesis Research.                                                                                                              3

This course is specifically designed for Plan I students. The course requires completion of thesis research. Prerequisite: departmental approval. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

5311. Structural Inorganic Chemistry.                                                                                 3(3-0)

The structure of inorganic compounds, especially complex compounds and theories that account for the structure and other properties on the basis of bonding. Prerequisite: CHEM 4311.

5321. Organic Preparations.                                                                                                   3(0-9)

Preparation of several different classes of compounds with emphasis on multi-step syntheses and synthetic techniques. Conferences with the instructor. Prerequisites: CHEM 3323/3123, CHEM 3325/3125.

5323. Advanced Organic Chemistry.                                                                                     3(3-0)

An advanced treatment of organic chemistry including a study of both cyclic and acyclic compounds. Prerequisites: CHEM 3323/3133 and CHEM 3325/3125.

5324. Designing Organic Syntheses.                                                                                     3(3-0)

A one-semester course that reviews the syntheses of increasingly complex molecules and the retrosynthetic strategies used to develop the synthetic schemes. Required development of a synthetic plan for a structure taken from the recent literature. Prerequisites: CHEM 3325, CHEM 5323.

5325. The Chemistry of Natural Products.                                                                           3(3-0)

A one-semester course that provides an introduction to the broad field of natural products chemistry by reviewing the major classes of natural products in terms of isolation, structure, properties, synthesis and physiological importance where applicable. Prerequisite: CHEM 3325.

5326. Heterocyclic Chemistry.                                                                                                3(3-0)

A one-semester course that provides an introduction to the broad field of heterocyclic chemistry by reviewing the major classes of heterocyclic compounds in terms of nomenclature, structure, properties, preparations, reactions and physiological importance where applicable. Prerequisite: CHEM 3325.

5327. Advanced Organic Synthesis.                                                                                      3(3-0)

An in-depth survey of modern synthetic reactions in the areas of carbon-carbon single and double bond formations and cycloaddition reactions. Prerequisites: CHEM 3125, CHEM 3325.

5328. Physical Organic Chemistry.                                                                                        3(3-0)

A one-semester course that provides an in-depth survey of molecular orbital theory in a thorough and rigorous manner and emphasizes the molecular orbital interpretation of various types of concerted pericyclic reactions. Prerequisites: CHEM 3125, CHEM 3325.

5329. Asymmetric Synthesis.                                                                                                 3(3-0)

An in-depth survey of practical methods for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure organic compounds in agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and in university research laboratories. Prerequisites: CHEM 3125, CHEM 3325.

5331. Advanced Physical Chemistry.                                                                                   3(3-0)

Detailed investigation of modern and traditional approaches to the study of chemical reaction rates. Prerequisites: CHEM 3331, CHEM 3332, CHEM 4131, CHEM 4132.

5341. Biochemical Analysis of Proteins.                                                                              3(3-0)

Biochemical study of proteins (methods of protein purification, principles of protein structure and the study of proteins as enzymes). Prerequisite: CHEM 4341.

5342. Biochemical Analysis of Gene Expression.                                                               3(3-0)

Biochemical study of nucleic acids and the expression of genetic information (nucleic acid structures and manipulation, transcription and translation). Prerequisite: CHEM 4341.

5351. Environmental Chemistry.                                                                                            3(3-0)

The advanced study of chemistry as the basis of the environmental regulations for air pollution, water pollution, solid/hazardous wastes, toxic commercial chemical products and employee safety.

5412. Special Topics in Chemistry.                                                                                         V:1-4

A detailed study of special areas of chemistry featuring current advances and trends. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. A laboratory may or may not be offered.

5905. Graduate Research Project.                                                                                        

Required for continued registration in graduate research project.

5906. Research/Thesis Writing.                                                                                              V:1-9

Required at the research or writing stage of the master’s thesis. Graduate Dean’s approval required for registration less than 3 hours.


Graduate credit for any undergraduate course authorized in the graduate catalog, the student must complete an extra assignment of graduate level quality that is not required of undergraduate students. The following advanced undergraduate courses have been approved by the Graduate Council for graduate credit: CHEM 4131-CHEM 4132. Physical Chemical Measurements. CHEM 4181. Chemical Seminar. CHEM 4311. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. CHEM 4341. Biochemistry. CHEM 4401. Modern Methods of Instrumental Analysis. CHEM 4421. Advanced Chemical Synthesis.

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