The Department faculty is actively involved in research and routinely mentor both undergraduate and M.S. student research projects.  Two-faculty conduct research in neuroscience or neuroscience-related areas. Opportunities for training at other institutions such as UT-Austin are also possible as part of research collaborations between faculty at the two universities.

Neuroscience research at TAMUK involves two distinct areas of research:  neurogenetics/behavior and nerve regeneration. Drs. Enrique Massa and Rafael Perez-Ballestero are the Biological and Health Science faculty that are currently involved in neuroscience research projects at TAMUK. 

Neuroscience Areas of Research

Enrique Massa

Dr. Enrique Massa supervises research that encompasses the neurobiology of ion channels in Drosoophila melanogaster.  He also is using the fruit fly as a model organism to examine molecular mechanisms of ethanol and inhaled organic solvent tolerance in the nervous system.  His laboratory collaborates with faculty at various other universities such as UT-Austin, St. Louis University School of Medicine, UTHSC-San Antonio, Rice University and the University of Minnesota.

Rafael Perez-Ballestero

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