Department of Biological and Health Sciences


Texas A&M University-Kingsville is located in the heart of South Texas. The mission of Biology is to provide excellence in teaching, research, and service. We are dedicated to the success of our students and the strong research base of our faculty allows us to provide individualized research experience for undergraduates in cellular, molecular, and animal biology, as well as biomedical science. Qualified undergraduates frequently help with our lab courses as Lab Assistants, thus gaining valuable learning and teaching experience.

Our commitment is always to our students, so we offer BA, BS, and BA teaching certification degrees in Biology and a BS in Biomedical Science. Our Pre-Health Professions office of advising prepares students for admission to professional school (Medicine, Dentistry, PA, PT, Optometry, Nursing, etc.).

We also offer a graduate MS in Biology. Most faculties have grad students supported either by teaching or research assistantships.

Contact the Biology Office at 361-593-3803, Room 108, Biology Building
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  • A dozen active faculty research laboratories, the majority are focused on biomedical research.
  • “Teaching through research” philosophy. Aside from graduate students, nearly every faculty lab supports undergraduate research students.
  • Growth rate of over 5% per year over the last four years.
  • Strong and highly successful pre-health advising program. Of 475 undergraduate majors, 65% are in pre-health professions preparing for careers in Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Optometry, or Physical Therapy.
  • Biology is a South Texas pipeline for students transitioning to Ph.D. or professional programs.
  • BS degree in Biomedical Science is one of only a half dozen such programs in the country.
  • Extensive vertebrate and invertebrate collections – 25,000 specimens — for both research and teaching, including the Perry Glick Butterflies of the World Collection (7000 specimens) on loan from the Conner Museum.
  • Paleontology Museum with 1000s of fossils exclusive to South Texas.
  • Wide array of faculty teaching specialties ranging from cellular to population level biology. Engagement activities and field trips emphasized in all biology labs.
  • Multiple biology scholarships available for many students each year.
  • Department is in preliminary stages of developing a joint degree program with Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy, an MS degree in Biomedical Sciences, and a minor in Forensics or Forensic Biology.
  • J. Talmer Peacock Auditorium.
  • Most of TAMUK's Presidential Scholars choose to major in Biology.
  • High quality teaching and research.
  • Faculty recognized locally, campus-wide, state-wide, and nationally for their professional and community contributions.

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