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Our Current Projects

...current projects conducted at the Herbarium

Dr. Cynthia Galloway
     Head of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Bryological Herbarium

The Texas A&M - Kingsville Bryological Herbarium is currently being established by Dr. Cynthia M. Galloway.  The collection focuses on the mosses and liverworts of south Texas but also includes collections from other locations in Texas as well as California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Georgia. At present the collection is unaccessioned but it is anticipated that approximately 1000+ specimens will be the core of the bryophyte collection.  The Bryological Herbarium at TAMUK represents the only working bryological herbarium in south Texas and one of the few in the state.

Dr. Galloway's interests in bryophytes are both taxonomic and physiological. Projects underway range from inventorying the bryophytes of Texas, county by county, to determine patterns of distribution and abundance, and determining the physiological and biochemical viability of desiccated and rehydrated bryophytes.  Attempts have been made to isolate genes associated with desiccation tolerance in bryophytes and a cDNA library constructed from desiccated Polytrichum juniperinum.

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