Herbarium History

...a look at the Herbarium yesterday and today

A herbarium is museum collection of carefully pressed, dried plants mounted on heavy paper. Properly labeled with information about the plants and where they were collected, a plant specimen in a herbarium is an irreplaceable resource recording plant biodiversity and serving as a reference collection for plant identifications among other uses. A properly preserved specimen may last hundreds of years.

The Texas A&M-Kingsville Herbarium (TAIC) contains approximately 7,000 specimens of vascular plants. It was established shortly after the opening of South Texas Teachers College in 1925. The college name was changed to Texas College of Arts and Industry in 1929, and our official herbarium abbreviation TAIC derives from that name. In 1967 the institution became Texas A&I University and our most recent name change occurred in 1993. Throughout the years and the name changes the herbarium has remained as a resource for the study of the plant life of South Texas. Our holdings are primarily from the immediate area, predominately Kleberg , Kenedy and adjacent counties  In addition to our vascular plants, we have through the work of Dr. Cynthia Galloway, large holdings of non-vascular plants such as Mosses and Lichens.

Future of the Herbarium

Located in South Texas, the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Herbarium has the task of keeping up with the population of the local flora.  In the future the Herbarium hopes to give the community a better understanding of the diverse flora inhabiting South Texas.  Area residents may not know it, but South Texas has some of the most diverse and prolific flora of the United States


The herbarium is a division of the Biology department and is housed in the Biology Earth Science building on the TAMUK campus. The collection is available for study by appointment. Exchanges and loans of specimens to other recognized botanical institutions may be arranged by contacting the curator. 

Department of Biology
Campus Box 158
Texas A&M-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas  78363
Telephone 361-593-3808

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