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 El Rancho Yearbook 1969

  • Clockwise from top right: J. Talmer Peacock, Edwin R. Bogusch (left) and  David R. Pratt (right), Allan H. Chaney (left) and Richard B. Davis Sr. ()right, George B. Fink, George G. Williges, James E. Gilaspy.
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Yearbook 1969


Dr. Allan H. Chaney

  • Dr. Allan H. Chaney (1923-2009) was a South Texas legend in zoology. Taught and advised students in biology, ecology, natural resources, and both terrestrial and aquatic environments.
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Dr. James Gillaspy

  • Dr. Gillaspy was a prolific and enthusiastic researcher on wasp systematics. Some of the genera of wasps that he named are Glenostictia, Microstictia , and Xerosticiia. After retiring Dr. Gillaspy collected specimens and curated the Lepidoptera collection for the Brackenridge Field Laboratory Insect Collection at the University of Texas at Austin
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james gillaspy 

Dr. J. Talmer Peacock


 Dr. John Perez

John Perez 

 Ronny Thomas

Ronny Thomas 

 Dr. Carl Wood
  • Dr. Wood earned an AS degree from Tarleton in 1960. He went on to receive his BS, MS, and PhD from Texas A&M University. Dr. Wood served as the head of the Biology Department at Texas A&M Kingsville from 1974 to 1992 and later as the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. He is a recipient of the Texas A&I Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award and in 2000 was named Professor Emeritus by the Texas A&M Board of Regents.


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