Graduate Program

Master of Science

The Department of Biological and Health Sciences offers a Master of Science degree in Biology. We offer a variety of courses and research opportunities in Biomedical Science, Organismal Biology, Field Biology, and Ecology. Our faculty are experts in a wide range of disciplines, such as Genetics and Epigenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, Plant Biology and Taxonomy, Ecological Modeling, Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Cell and Animal Physiology, Nerve Regeneration, Ornithology, Herpetology, Mammalogy, Marine Ecology, Invertebrate Biology, Animal Behavior and Icthyology. Many of our students use their master’s degree as a stepping stone to medical school, dentistry, pharmacy school, and Ph.D. programs, as well as other advanced health professions. Students have great exibility in their course of study and are encouraged to structure their program to t their chosen career paths.

There are three Master’s degrees options. The Plan I (Thesis Option) program is research-oriented and requires completion of a thesis. This program is for students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. or who want research experience. The Plan II (Project Option) program is content-oriented, and a shorter research problem is required. This program is for those needing more background in formal course work. The Plan III is a Courses‐Only Option. For additional information, contact the Graduate Coordinator Dr. Weimin Xi ( or Department Chair Dr. Enrique Massa (

Graduate Faculty

Molecular, Cellular Neurobiology & Genetics 

Dr. Rudolph Bohm
Dr. Enrique Massa
Dr. Rafael Perez-Ballestero
Dr. Chang Sung

Associate Members:

Dr. Haeyoung Kim
Dr. Richard Laughlin
Dr. Maria E. Velez
Dr. Fang He

Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Dr. Jon A. Baskin
Dr. Cynthia M. Galloway
Dr. Glenn H. Perrigo
Dr. Randy Powell
Dr. Manuel A. Soto
Dr. Weimin Xi

Biology Courses and Seminars

BIOL 5102 - Research Problems I
BIOL 5104 - Graduate Seminar
BIOL 5202 - Research Problems II
BIOL 5301 - Research Methods
BIOL 5302 - Advanced Topics in Biology

  • Molecular Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Biology of Forensic Science
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Systems Neurobiology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Grad Readings in Mole Biol
  • Genetics of Human Disease
  • Epigenetics
  • Genetics of Human Disease

BIOL 5305 - Graduate Research Project
BIOL 5306 - Thesis
BIOL 5316 - Advanced Biological Concepts
BIOL 5320 - Research Problems III
BIOL 5318 - Investigations in Biology
BIOL 5401 - Molecular Biology
BIOL 5402 - Advanced Topics in Biology

  • Cell Physiology
  • Curation of Vert and Collect
  • Mammology
  • Vertebrate Embryology
  • Advanced Biology of Forensic Science
  • Histology
  • Herpetology
  • Onithology
  • Cellular Physiology
  • Plant Systematics
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Human Ecology and Health

Awards and Scholarships

Contact Us

For additional information, contact the Graduate Coordinator Dr. Weimin Xi ( or Department Chair Dr. Enrique Massa (

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