Graduate Programs

Master of Science

The Department of Biological and Health Sciences offers a Master of Science degree in Biology. The Plan I program is research-oriented and requires completion of a thesis. This program is for students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. or who want research experience. The Plan II program is content-oriented, and a shorter research problem is required. This program is for those needing more background in formal course work. Additional information is provided in the Biology Graduate Handbook, which may be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator or Department Chair.

Biology Courses (incomplete list)

BIOL 5102 - Research Problems I
BIOL 5104 - Graduate Seminar
BIOL 5202 - Research Problems II
BIOL 5301 - Research Methods
BIOL 5302 - Topics in Biology
BIOL 5306 - Thesis
BIOL 5316 - Advanced Biological Concepts
BIOL 5318 - Investigations in Biology
BIOL 5401 - Molecular Biology
BIOL 5402 - Advanced Topics in Biology.

The following senior level undergraduate courses can be taken for graduate credit:
BIOL 402, 4406, 4408, 4425, 4426, 4427, 4429, 4430, and 4431.

Chemistry Courses

CHEM 5412

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