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Fulden Sara de Wissinger, Assistant Professor

Fulden Sara de Wissinger


Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey Fulden Sara-Wissinger descends from Balkan and Turkmen roots, a mix of European and Asian. Istanbul, Constantinople, has been the most dynamic link, between the Mystical East and the Pragmatic West. She earned her BFA in majoring in Graphic design from Marmara University (Istanbul/Turkey). Subsequently, she worked for 10 years in a number of agencies and companies such as Telsim Telecommunication Com., Nobel Pharmaceutical Com. In these positions, Fulden gained a broad range experiences. In her 29th year Fulden arrived in the United States, and attended the English Language Institute at Texas A&M University to learn English. Ven- turing into an MFA program at UTPA with a 3D major was a leap into the unknown. The Rio Rez project provided her experience with extensive arts programming and community interactions. Her work has been shown in Tamaulipas, Mexico, Pakistan and around the state of Texas, USA. She found herself gravitating to clay. For her, clay most directly captures fluid energy while requiring patient methodical manipulation. Her pieces mix elements from past experience, 10 years of graphic design background tends to produce focus on crisp geometry, which mingles with the Arabesque fluidity of “Turkish Calligraphy”. Her future goals are to teach and continue to produce her own art.

Artist Statement

My heritage is European mixed with Byzantine and Seljuk-Ottoman Culture. I grew up in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan melting pot with 15 million souls. Living in one of the world’s most exotic cultural crossroads created in me a delight for such diversity, and a hunger to venture into the world to experience ever more. I attempt to reflect this in my work by fusing together visual elements that have opposing qualities thus creating harmony out of dissonance. Circumstance dictated that I live in a very controlled closed environment for much of the time. With two working parents, no close relatives, and few friends I spent much of my time alone overlooking the magic below, the chaotic jostle of customs, cultures and religions rubbing against each other. For me clay most directly captures fluid energy while requiring patient methodical manipulation. This in itself stands as a metaphor for the East West push and pull of Istanbul. I prefer to make wall pieces that use my 2D sensibilities. My pieces mix motifs from past cultural references with my graphic design background. Thus a strong graphic style tends to produce focus on crisp geometry, which then is mingled with the Arabesque fluidity of “Turkish Calligraphy”. Strong texture against clean edges creates a sense of tension. I view this juxtaposition of rigid geometry and animated organic as a metaphor for the interplay of opposing forces that enlivens Turkish Culture.

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Dept. of Art, Communications, & Theatre
Speech Bldg 175, 903 W Engineering Ave
MSC 178, 700 University Blvd Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
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