Degree Plans

Bachelor of arts in arts Bachelor of fine arts in arts

Within the discipline of visual art, the department will award Bachelors of Fine Arts in Arts (B.F.A.), and Bachelors of Arts in Art (B.A.).  Either of these degrees can be certificated in educational teaching.

Areas of Study in the Visual Arts Discipline






Graphic Design

Art History

Careers in the Visual Arts

The art degrees awarded by TAMUK in the visual arts can lead to careers in art education  in a variety of venues from public education with teaching certification to gallery/museum and community-based programs. The art degree will also train the students for graphic design positions, and print media. The student can further his degree by engaging his/her studies in psychology to prepare for a career in art therapy,  or business and marketing courses for a career in arts administration or curatorial work.

The Visual Art Discipline has notable alumni such as Carmen Lomas Garza who resides in San Francisco, California,  Amado Pena who resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cesar Martinez who resides in San Antonio, Texas, and Jose Rivera who also resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Ben Bailey Gallery

The department houses a gallery that provides students and professional exhibitions regularly.  The gallery has featured the artwork of notable visual artists such as Rosario Cabrera, peer of Frida Kahlo,  Octavio Bustos, student of Frida Kahlo, K-Space artists, and regionally and internationally known artists.

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