Ceramic Sculpture Program


The Ceramics and Sculpture program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville embraces
practical, traditional and non-traditional approaches to the medium. We have extensive
metal forming equipment and can service nearly all media.
Our studios are intended to provide opportunities to explore most medias. Students with a
concentration in Ceramics, we focus on providing real world experiences such as
participating in community events, participating in conferences and exhibiting.
The Ceramics and Sculpture studios are conveniently located to adjacent each other,
allowing students to move freely between areas. 
One Ceramic room is dedicated to hand built sculpture the other is committed to
developing production skills in particular wheel throwing. We work in both low fire and
high fire processes.
Studios are designed to be flexible and can accommodate large-scale work, with easy
access to the kiln area. 
The Ceramics studios also include; glaze lab, spray booth, and
electric kiln area. We are currently constructing an outdoor fully covered courtyard

Our Studio
Our Ceramics studio offers ample space and equipment for:
both wheel and hand throwing, including 10-12 electric potter's wheels, two slab rollers,
and three clay extruders;
rack storage for student work;
 facility for storing clay;
 equipment for mixing glazes;
 drying/kiln facility;
 electric and alpine gas kilns;
 outdoor firing facility with hand built kilns for primitive firings, a gas-fired salt
kiln and a raku kiln and;
 adequate space for exerimental kiln building.
Subsequent Ceramics courses concentrate on:
 throwing techniques;
 glaze formulations;
 surface applications and decoration;
 problems relating to large scale work and;
 experimental techniques and/or research in glazing and firing.

Ceramic equipment includes:

1 50 cuft gas car kiln

1 10 cuft gas fired Alpine kiln
1 Raku kiln

1 Primitive Kiln 1
5 Electric Skutt kilns

1 Electric Skutt test kiln
slab rollers

Clay mixers

Classes we offer:
ARTS 2346 Basic Ceramics
ARTS 4346 Advance Ceramics

Students’ exploration of the craft can take many forms. There is equipment available for
wheelwork, mold making and slip casting, as well as large kilns for hand-building and
sculpture. Students are encouraged to investigate a wide range of processes, including the
recent addition of 3D modeling and printing, as they develop their own personal visions.
Separate studio space is available for junior and senior ceramics majors, and students are
encouraged to reach outside their own spheres for inspiration and ideas. The ceramics
curriculum includes wheel-throwing, hand-building, slip-casting, tile-making, raw material study,
studio practice, methodology development, and special topics classes as well as seminars that enhance
critical thinking through writing, presentations, and critiques.

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