Students interested in a promising Communications degree with Speech can find an example degree plan here:  Bachelor's of Arts - Communications Speech

There is also a teaching certification available to go along with the above degree plan, as illustrated by this degree plan: Bachelor's of Arts - Communications Speech with Teaching Certification

All courses listed in the example degree plan should be found in the undergraduate catalog of 2016-2017:  Catalog of Courses

This program prepares students for a wide variety of career fields. Communication skills are consistently ranked as the top skill employers are looking for when hiring or promoting within organizations. Students gain training in the foundations of human communication, interaction, professional communication competence, and experience with a managing the challenges of a highly mediated communication environment. Areas of study within our discipline include rhetoric, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, performance studies, and highly evolving media studies.

We enjoy working with complexity in the world and ask some of the fundamental questions about being a human being and what our impact can be in everyday life, professional settings, and the possibility for change in the world through communication. We have award winning faculty who enjoy serving in leadership roles at the national level, regularly giving presentations at the regional and national level, and enjoy conducting research, especially with students. In addition, we have a Speech and Debate Team that enjoys participating in competitions in our region and around the nation.

Our program combines traditional communication theory and connection with media that puts students in a competitive position to face the challenges of today’s evolving workplace in both complexity and the technological demands that impact communication at every level.

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