The Speech Program is focused on human communication with the capacity to inform and motivate others.  This emphasis on influence produces students who go on to become successful lawyers, teachers, businesspersons, politicians and productive members of society.  Through the study of instrumental human symbolic interaction the individual becomes comfortable in interpersonal settings, proficient in public discourse and able to guide groups toward shared goals.

The Speech Program has its roots in scholarship that pre-dates the birth of Christ and extends through the latest social, psychological and philosophical discoveries.  It is an excellent integrator of human beings and their purposes along with the strengths and weaknesses we all display.  As one of the original “Liberal Arts” we take pride in crafting the personal, professional and civic objectives of our students.

The department offers a co-curricular Speech and Debate program that trains TAMUK students, with or without prior experience, to engage students from other universities in communicative events.  All travel expenses are covered as our students learn and share with students across the country.

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