Dual Enrollment Program

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Texas A&M University - Kingsville, Mission Statement: The mission of Texas A&M University - Kingsville is to enrich lives through education, discovery and service in South Texas and beyond.

Dual Enrollment Program - Mission Statement

The Center for Student Success and its Dual Enrollment Program along with collaboration from area high schools are committed to preparing students for academic success before they begin their collegiate journey.   We will support an environment in which knowledge and skills are developed as the area high school students transition to higher education, engage in educational and co-curricular activities, and develop a skill which can be used both in and out of the classroom.

Program Vision

1) Allow exceptional area high school students to earn college credit while meeting the requirements of their high school curriculum.

2) Present students with a college experience in an environment which supports successful completion of their college courses.

3) Offer a pathway for students to acquire the confidence to succeed academically and socially in the college level learning environment.

4) Provide students with a smooth transition from high school, shorten the time needed to earn an undergraduate degree by providing affordable access to university courses, and improve the study habits, general academic readiness and academic options for college-bound students.

This page was last updated on: July 28, 2017