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Spring Semester 2017

Mar. 13-19  Spring Break.

Mar. 19 2 p.m.  Residence Halls re-open after Spring Break.

Mar. 20 8 a.m.  Classes resume.

Mar. 30  Title IV 60% of semester

Mar. 31 5 p.m.  Last day to drop a course or withdraw from the university. Course dropped will

receive a grade of Q. Last day for faculty to drop for non-attendance.

Apr. 3 8 a.m.  Registration begins for all students for 2017 Spring Intersession.

Apr. 3 8 a.m.  Priority Registration begins for 2017 Summer Sessions and 2017 Fall Semester.

Apr. 14 Good  Friday – no classes held.

May 2   Graduate and Undergraduate Students – Deadline to file Application for Degree

Candidacy in August with Academic College Dean.

May 2-4  Dead Week.

May 3  Last Class Day.

May 4  Study Day (no classes).

May 5-11  Final examinations.

May 12-13  Commencement.

May 14 12 p.m.  Residence Halls close.

May 15  Noon Grades due via the web at Blue and Gold Connection and I-Contracts due.

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Sonya Vasquez
Academic Advisor III

Carlos Alvarado 
Academic Advisor I
Alfonso Ramos
Academic Advisor I
Alma Limas
Academic Advisor I

Suzanne Villarreal
Academic Advisor II

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J. Eric Winterbottom
Pre-Health Sciences Coordinator


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