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Tanner Machado, Associate Professor

Tanner Machado

Dr. Machado was born and raised in Choteau, MT where his family lived and worked at a custom beef feedlot.  Tanner aspired to become a veterinarian and decided to get his B.S. degree at a university where he intended to go to veterinary school.  This led him to Colorado State University where he got involved with Meat, Livestock, and Meat Animal Evaluation judging teams.  It was meat judging that opened the door to his current path.  Tanner got the opportunity to coach a meat judging team while pursing his M.S. degree at Colorado State and he also coached meat animal evaluation judging teams.  Following his M.S. degree Tanner went to South Dakota State University to pursue his Ph.D.  Tanner greatly appreciated the one-on-one teaching experience with judging teams and while at South Dakota State he coached a couple livestock judging teams and meat animal evaluation judging teams.  Throughout his graduate career Tanner’s research revolved around how beef feedlot management practices influenced beef quality and palatability.  Tanner moved to Kingsville in January of 2010 to develop and expand a meat science program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville in the Animal, Rangeland & Wildlife Sciences Department. He currently teaches meat science courses and is the meat lab manager.

Curriculum Vitae


B.S. in Animal Science with a science concentration and a minor in Ag Business, Colorado State University-2002

M.S. in Animal Science in the field of meat science, Colorado State University-2005

Ph.D in Animal and Rangeland Sciences in the field of meat science, South Dakota State University-2009

Research Interests

Dr. Machado’s research is primarily focused on beef quality and palatability.  However, his passion for meat has gotten him involved with such things as product development of goose and bison products, grill designs, food safety and understanding nilgai as a meat source.  This passion continues to allow him to conduct research in various meat science topics while still perusing research in beef quality and palatability.

Outreach and Community Service

Dr. Machado is active within the TAMUK community along with undergraduate extracurricular activities and undergraduate research projects.  Tanner understands the importance of community and thus is active in the group called Kingsville’s Next Generation.  He also assists with the county livestock fair and participates in a program that goes to the Brahman high school to teach career success skills.

Teaching Appointments

Meat Preparation and Evaluation-Undergraduate Level

Processed Meats-Undergraduate Level

Contact Information

Department of Animal, Rangeland, and Wildlife Sciences
Kleberg Ag 133
MSC 228 Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas 78363-8202
voice: 361.593.4393
fax: 361.593.3788
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