Executive Board

Meet our Executive Board


Berenise Valles, President for the Texas A&M – University of Kingsville Veterinary Technologists Club.  As President, her duties include, but are not limited to, obeying and enforcing the Club Constitution and By-Laws and acting as an official representative for the organization.  Berenise was born in Denver Colorado, and grew up in Kaufman Texas (a small town outside of Dallas). When she is not at school, she is at work. She has been a waitress for 5 years and loves that she can talk and interact with people because of this job. During her spare time, she likes working out, cleaning around the house, and playing with the sassy cat, Stella. She is currently a senior in the Veterinary Technology Program and pursuing a career in small animal practice. Later down the road she plans to specialize in physical rehabilitation for small animals.


Monique A. Duran, Vice President and Historian for Texas A&M-University of Kingsville Veterinary Technologists Club. As Vice President, her duties include enforcing the Club Constitution and By-Laws, appointing committee heads, contacting and scheduling club speakers, and to be our president's right hand.  As Historian, her duties include but are not limited to: being held accountable for recording the events/history of the organization, emailing members with updates and reminders maintaining a current log of member volunteer hours as well as the club’s Collegiate Link presence, collecting member sign-in sheets at every general and officer meeting, maintaining a multimedia record of the club’s history including photographs of events and trips, and serve as the point of communication between committees and the Executive Board. She is currently employed at the National Natural Toxins Research Center on campus. During her spare time, she enjoys playing Tetris, tutor or help anyone she can, and chill with her two guinea pigs, two kittens, and snake. She is currently a senior in the Veterinary Technology program pursuing a career as a small and exotic animal vet tech.


Ashley Britton, Treasurer for the Texas A&M-University of Kingsville Veterinary Technologists Club. As the treasurer, she has many duties related to the funds that the club has access to. These duties include but are not limited to; keeping track of income and expenditures in the club’s cash box as well as the club’s university bank account (this includes saving all receipts and keeping a balanced bankbook for both box and account), prepare an annual club budget, and collect member dues and other payments including events.  Ashley comes from a small town just East of Dallas, called Forney.  She has a two year old mutt named Nova with whom she enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix.  Her last and final year at this university is about to go underway as she will graduate May 2019 and could not be more excited to start a new chapter of her life!


Emily Hinojosa, Secretary for the Texas A&M-Kingsville Veterinary Technologist Club. As secretary, her duties include,  to act as recorder of all business brought before the organization and take a complete record of each meeting, be held responsible and accountable for all of the books and records of the organization, carry on all correspondence, which the Executive Board deems fit, keep records of minutes for general and officer meetings, regularly updates roster with member information, post flyers one week before meetings and club events, make sign in sheets for events, and arrange guest speakers for meetings. She currently works on a rural farm with lambs.  Her interests include spending time with her family, cuddling her fur babies, spending time outside, and napping; in that order.  She plans to pursue a career in a mixed animal practice and specialize in dentistry.


Yessenia Garza, Communications Executive for the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Veterinary Technology Club. As the Communications Executive she is responsible and accountable for the club’s public relations, maintaining club accounts related to public relations and community outreach (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in a professional manner, promoting adoption of TAMUK Veterinary Technology Program animals through multimedia and events, obtaining photographs of trips/events to be provided to the Historian, updating the club information board on campus, seeking sponsorship of events from the community and surrounding areas, and where necessary, coordinate a committee dedicated to obtaining sponsorships. During her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include watching Netflix, and spending time on social media tagging her friends on funny posts. She is currently a senior in the Veterinary Technologist Program and is employed at a veterinary clinic in Kingsville. She is keeping an open mind for a path to take in the veterinary technology field.

Dr. Clayton Hilton, DVM

Dr. Clayton Hilton, M.S., D.V.M serves as the faculty advisor for the Texas A&M-University of Kingsville Veterinary Technologists Club.

Tiffany Pope, BS, LVT Tiffany Pope, B.S., L.V.T. serves as the Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA) advisor for the Texas A&M-University of Kingsville Veterinary Technologists Club.

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