Veterinary Technologists Club


All meetings start at 6:15 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.

8/29/18 - Javelina Dining Hall Rm 200

9/12 - Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

9/26 - Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

10/10 Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

10/17 Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

11/7 Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

11/28 Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

12/5 Veterinary Technology (VETT) Facility

*For directions to the Veterinary Technology Facility, please contact a club officer or advisor.



The TAMUK Vet Tech Club will be a support system for TAMUK students that are already accepted in, in the process of applying, or interested in applying into the program. We will help those that are applying into the program with preparing their applications, give them advice, set up study sessions for those in the program, help spread the word around campus and incoming Freshmen about or school's new program, and help the animals in our community through volunteer work.

Do I have to be a vet tech student to be in Vet Tech Club?

No! You do not have to be a current veterinary technology student to participate in the club.  Current veterinary technology students are, however, the only ones who are eligible for SCNAVTA benefits and officer positions.

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