Veterinary Technology Program

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Welcome to the Veterinary Technology Program!

Veterinary Technologists work side by side with veterinarians to provide the best medical care for patients and the best customer service to clients.  Functioning as veterinary "nurses", technologists are involved in all aspects of veterinary medicine including anesthesia, pharmacology, nursing care, laboratory procedures, radiology, surgical assistance, and client education.

Students working with a horse. What differentiates Texas A&M University - Kingsville's Veterinary Technology (VETT) program is our emphasis on large animals, wildlife, and lab animal expertise to meet the future needs of animal care.  We are one of only 22 programs in the U.S. that offers a 4-year B.S. degree; the rest are 2-year certificates or AAS degrees.  Our program is the only one in Texas that offers a hands-on classroom experience.  We are dedicated to giving our students the best experience.  Only 30 students are admitted each fall which allows for small class sizes and individual attention.

Our Mission: to develop well-rounded Veterinary Technologists with exceptional skills

We have a brand new, state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot teaching facility that includes classrooms, animal housing areas, student study areas, laboratory spaces, surgical and radiology rooms, and other teaching spaces for all veterinary technology courses.  Beyond the teaching hospital, program participants have access to the University farm, wildlife center, an on-campus vivarium, and the National Natural Toxins Research Center.  Students also work with Kingsville Animal Control for small animals and surrounding community ranches for greater access to cattle and horses.

Our students have the support of exceptional instructors with experiences in a variety of veterinary medicine fields such as wildlife, production animal medicine, research, emergency medicine, and zoo and exotic medicine. 

Students are encouraged to join and participate in a student run chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, also known as Vet Tech Club, which focuses on community involvement and education on veterinary related topics.  Students on campus interested in the program are also encouraged to join the club.  Click here to learn more!

Tech Club competing in Ag Olympics.

The TAMUK Veterinary Technology Program is accredited by the AVMA as a program for educating veterinary technicians.


You can access a copy of our Fast Facts flyer here (PDF).

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