Undergraduate Degrees in Animal and Wildlife Sciences

Bachelor of Science Degree Plans: Animal Science

General Animal Science

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Option

Because our courses can change from time to time, it is important to keep in close contact with your advisor to learn about any alterations to your degree plan.

Animal science is an agricultural-based discipline that focuses on the science and business aspects of the domestic livestock production industry. Production of quality foods and other animal products, such as leather and wool, is the primary focus of the livestock industry; however, in order for the industry to continue to thrive and adapt to social and economic demands, a basic knowledge of livestock production and management schemes is imperative. An animal scientist will acquire species-specific knowledge pertaining to production and management, growth and reproduction, animal health and well-being, genetics, biotechnology and economics.

To ensure that students have an understanding and an appreciation of the scope of agriculture, we offer a flexible choice of support courses in range and wildlife science, biological science and plant and soil science. Graduates of the program will have acquired both traditional and cutting-edge knowledge through experiential learning and critical thinking applications and also will have a broad knowledge of animal production to be more competitive in today’s job market.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Option

While earning an animal science degree, students can complete the proper coursework requirements for application to a veterinary medicine program. Students must adhere to specific regulations to complete this option.

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