GPA and Pay Possibilities for Animal Sciences

How Important is My GPA and Work Experience?

Opportunities in animal science are abundant, but it is up to each individual to make themselves as marketable as possible. One way to help your marketability is to maintain your Grade Point Average (GPA) as high as possible (at least a 3.0 out of 4.0 scale). Many jobs, especially with state and federal agencies, are quite competitive, and students need to make sure their resumes stand out from hundreds of other applicants. Another way to improve marketability is to gain as much field experience as possible while you are in school. Most animal sciences professors conduct research and are always in need of assistance. Graduate students also need help with their research projects. Get to know your professors and their graduate students, and assist them when you can. Make additional contacts by joining the Livestock Judging Team or the Pre-professional Society. These also are excellent ways to gain experience. Get involved as soon as you arrive in Kingsville – there’s no time to waste!

What Kind of Pay Can I Expect?

The salary for animal science careers will vary depending type of job, the institution or company through which the job is being offered and on the region of the country. To further research the latest salary data for animal scientists, go to the Department of Labor and search for biological and life sciences related topics.

This page was last updated on: December 22, 2015