What The Students Thought

  • This internship allowed me to learn so many new things I never would have thought was remotely possible to me.  I loved being a part of the USDA-ARS branch.  Cristina Teran. Internship with USDA-ARS
  • I participated on a Research project of alternative bio-fuels and also testing seeds:  germination, lifespan, reproduction.  The skills I obtained on the job were critical to my possible future with the NRCS.  The time I spent in the field really helped me get a feel for what kind of work the NRCS does.  David Johnson.  Internship with NRCS Kika De La Garza Plant Materials Center
  • I worked on preparing material for public, helping in training people in several cities.  It was a lot more traveling than I was planning for.  I never realized how many different types of jobs are involved with agriculture.  Veronica Mata.  Internship with NRCS Zone Office
  • I worked in a project about Research with Cattle fever tick, Arundo scale and Carrizo cane.  Fidel Mendoza.  Internship with ARS-APHIS
  • I conducted several formal and informal interviews; I read and learned about climate changes and participated on the construction of the topographical poster map.  Crystal Weaver.  Internship with USDA-Forest Service, Regional Office Portland, Oregon

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